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All your European Automotive needs under one roof

No job too big or too small

Central Autohaus specialises in all the top European makes, including Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, Skoda, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, Fiat, Mini, Volvo and Land Rover – just to name a few.

Our team is equally astute with other vehicles from all over the globe, offering you a true one-stop-shop for all your automotive needs.

Our skilled and experienced service technicians are competent in all repairs no matter how big or small. Our customers come to us, again and again, for routine servicing, complex mechanical repairs, elective modifications and computerised diagnostic and calibration services, and just about anything in between.

Honesty, transparency and integrity are just some of the core values embedded into our team and culture, thus our team of mechanics thoroughly inspect each and every car that comes in for a service, quickly ascertaining any problems found and forecasting any future requirements so you won’t have any surprises in the future.

Our areas of expertise

Routine & Log Book Servicing

Our routine servicing is designed to meet or exceed your vehicles log-book specifications, ensuring we protect your warranty and keep your vehicle up and running in tip-top shape.

Pre & Post Purchase Vehicle Inspections

Whether you’re about to buy or just bought, our 120 point purchase inspection can help you make an informed choice about your new vehicles maintenance requirements.

Annual Inspection & Pink Slip Certification

Keep your registration and CTP active and valid with our 120 point NSW Safety Inspection. We can tie this into your annual service or separately as a standalone item.

Component Servicing & Replacement

Your cars tyres, suspension, brakes and steering will naturally wear over time. Our team has the skills and experience to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape for years and years

Engine & Transmission Repairs & Rebuilds

If your engine is smoking, knocking or leaking, or your transmission doesn’t shift as smooth as it used to, our expert team can renew, repair and recondition and give it a new lease on life.

Air Conditioning Servicing & Repairs

Air-con not cold? Notice a lot of fogging up on windows during winter? Our expert team can regas, service, diagnose and repair your vehicles air conditioning system.

Automotive Electrical Services & Repairs​

If something in your car isn’t working as it should, our qualified auto electricians have the skills and expertise to trace, diagnose and repair electrical faults and failures.

Advanced Diagnostics & Calibration Services​

We have a range of diagnostic and calibration tools on hand to trace and repair faults found in today’s modern vehicles and their suite of computers, cameras and sensors.

Vehicle Cleaning & Detailing

If your paintwork doesn’t shine as it used to, our team of qualified detailers can assist with polishing, paint correction and protection, bringing lustre and shine back into your paint.

Our Service Promise

We will only use Genuine or quality parts and fluids when servicing your vehicle

Servicing with us will not void or impact your new or used vehicle warranty

All our service and repair work comes with a 12 Month / 10,000km Warranty

We will meet or exceed the manufacturer log book service specifications

We will service your car in a timely manner, generally returned to you on the same day​

We will carry out a full, 120-point safety check at every service.

Absolutely not. We only use OE/genuine parts.

It’s a common misconception that if you have a new car it needs to be serviced at the main dealership to keep the warranty intact.

At Central Autohaus we employ qualified mechanics and we only use OE/genuine parts. Our engineers work to the manufacturer’s specifications for all makes and models of car.

And what’s more Central Autohaus is often cheaper than your main dealer too! Win, win…

Although we specialise in European cars, we also supply the same quality of service & workmanship on all makes & models.

The cost of a basic service starts from $450.00 depending on make & model.

This will include oil & filter change. A complete thorough check of vehicle including diagnostic systems scan & re-set.

Any extra work required will be costed & discussed with you before going ahead.

We do not offer ‘fixed-priced’ car servicing as we believe this is a gimmick that other car servicing centres use to get customers through the door. With a fixed priced service, issues can often be missed, we prefer the thorough service option, which means your car is fully assessed before a price is discussed leaving your car safer and providing you peace of mind.

We don’t offer fixed priced servicing as this generally limits the quality of the service provided. Other service centres use fixed priced services to get customers through the door. This can often mean that the bare minimum of work is carried out, this can lead to issues being missed that you later have to get fixed.

We would rather estimate the cost of the service for your vehicle based on the needs and requirements of your vehicle. After we have checked the car & see exactly what has been done previously & what the car needs we will contact you with a fixed price. This approach, in our opinion, will give you better value for money in the long run, and keep your car running at its peak.

Yes, we have a range of clean and tidy cars available for our customers to use. If you require a courtesy car just request one when booking in for service (subject to availability).

Generally all services carried out will be done the same day .ie drop off in morning and pick up in afternoon. (Unless earlier pick up is required).

We can be flexible to suit your needs, so let us know if you have any special requirements when booking in your car.

Central Autohaus is located at 76 McEvoy St, Alexandria NSW 2015.

  • 10 minute walk to Green Square Railway
  • 10 minutes from CBD
  • 10 minutes from airport

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We are open Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 5:00pm, and are closed on weekends and all NSW public holidays.

If you’d like to make a booking or have any questions, please give our team a call on 02 9690 0997, or alternatively you can visit our bookings page to book your service today.

We are the service centre to attend for all your European Car needs.

Yes we have the latest diagnostic equipment to carry out diagnostic scanning & re-set and we make sure this is always up-to-date.

Modern cars have sophisticated climate control systems that require regular maintenance to ensure quality of its operation and longevity of the system. Climate control systems are very expensive when it comes to repairs, yet are easily maintained to prevent breakdowns and ensure optimal operation.

At Central Autohaus, we are committed to giving you the best advice and service for your air-conditioning and heating needs. If your car is experiencing problems with its current Air Conditioning, AC, Climate Control, or Heating System, phone us or email us to book in a test or system diagnosis.

We will then look at the results and determine the extent of the problem. For instance, we can ascertain if it is a leak or perhaps something more severe. We can help address most problems with the air conditioning. For instance, it may be too hot or cold. It may also be too noisy, or simply making your car interior smelly.

But if the system needs major repairs, we will always advise you before carrying out any major work. Once you give us consent to proceed, we will make all the necessary repairs and your vehicle will be returned back to you, fully repaired and tested for full peace of mind.

Mechanical repairs and service in the situation where a vehicle has been involved in an accident / collision is very different to the regular service / mechanical repairs. More often than not the majority of the damage has to be diagnosed and is not visible on the surface. Central Autohaus has the necessary expertise in luxury motor vehicle brands to carry out complete diagnostics on damaged vehicles as a result of an accident / collision.

Every vehicle coming into our shop as part of insurance mechanical repairs is extensively diagnosed and documented in details. This information is passed on the assessor of the designated insurance company and the best possible outcome is negotiated for our customers. We do not sacrifice quality to satisfy insurance companies and take pride in every vehicle we repair.

Rest assured that any vehicle repaired by Central Autohaus will confirm to the standards set by the manufacturer without cutting corners or finding compromises.

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